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I won’t lie. Some people have bad taste, and ask me to make ugly websites. But here are a few websites I’ve made that are awesome.

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What’s So Special About Justin Bailey Design?

Remember back to when you first fell in love. Heart: racing, knees: weak, possibilities endless.

Fully Responsive Designs

These days, it’s vital your site look great no matter how somebody is viewing it. Responsive designs allow a site to automatically reformat itself based on the size of the screen the website is being viewed on.

Things You Won’t Pay Extra For:

Basic Graphic Design

Web Hosting

Email Hosting

Social Media Integration

Constant Contact Integration

Blogging Integration

Plugin Set-up

Corny Jokes

A Set Price – A Personal Touch

Unlike a lot of high priced web design firms, I don’t charge by the hour for new projects. 10 page websites start at $1,300. You’ll get a quote, we’ll sign a contract that includes the price, and as long as you don’t add the moon to your demands half way through the project, that price won’t change.

Additionally, I talk with my clients frequently. If they’re cool people, I may even grab a beer with them on occasion. You’ll get my cell phone number, my personal email address, and my address if you really want it (though I might ask why you want it…I promise to stay open-minded).


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Dear Mr. Bailey Justin [Mr. Bailey is my father]

My website could use a facelift! It’s about 14 pages. I have a 40 product e-commerce store where I sell the best apples Houston has ever seen.

I’m needing to integrate my social media, and I’ll need some basic graphic design. I also need the ability to change out pictures in an image gallery, and a blog.

What’s the damage to my bank account?

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