What’s a Social Media Build-Out Include?

Setting It All Up

Whether you’re looking at setting up a Facebook, Google+, or Linked In business page – the options and requirements can be tough to navigate. Even getting started can be complicated!

I’ve been working in Social Media since 2007, and have had a Facebook account since 2006 (back that only college students could have one!)

When you hire me for a social media build-out, I’ll take care of the process of setting up a business page on whatever social network you want a presence on. I’ll fill out all of the required information on your behalf, and you’ll be on your way to boosting your brand!

Image Design

Creating a cohesive brand across all platforms is vital in today’s world. As an example, check out Pizza Hut on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

But like the spread offense (for all you college football fans out there), social media is a great equalizer. Your images can, and should, reinforce your brand and emphasize it’s selling points.

I’ll work with you to decide what those emphases are. From there, we’ll create attractive images that encourage prospective customers to contact you. The focus is always on conversion.

Content Optimization

My earliest experience wasn’t in web design or graphics, it was writing. The job I credit most with guiding me towards my current path was as a communications student worker at Texas A&M. There, I interviewed professors, staff, and students to write news articles for the College of Geosciences website, as well as it’s annual magazine.

Since then, I’ve focused more on editing and writing for SEO and social media. To convert viewers of your social media page into paying customers, you need to carefully craft your business information to show prospective customers why they should buy your product or service, and how they can benefit. Attention-getting statements are vital. As is simplicity and writing understandably.

For a social media build-out, I’ll take the content you’ve created for your social media page, and ensure it effectively grabs visitors’ attention, and helps to convert them into customers.

I’ll fill out all of your page’s vital info in a way that maximizes your conversions.


App Set-Up

Apps and extensions offer a secondary level of functionality to social media. For Facebook, apps allow you to make additional offers and provide additional opportunities for prospective clients to connect with you. For Facebook, I always recommend my clients sign up for Constant Contact, in order to have a Constant Contact form set up on their Facebook page.

Additionally, I create custom App icons for each app you have and/or want installed on your page!