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I won’t lie. Some people have bad taste, and ask me to make ugly websites. But here are a few websites I’ve made that are awesome.

What’s So Special About Justin Bailey Design?

Remember back to when you first fell in love. Heart: racing, knees: weak, possibilities endless. That’s how you’ll feel about your new website. Well – maybe not exactly, but close. Trust me.

Fully Responsive Website Design

These days, it’s vital that your business’s website look great no matter how somebody is viewing it. Responsive website design allows a site to automatically reformat itself based on the size of the screen the website is being viewed on. Your Houston customers are on-the-move constantly – make sure your website looks great on their phones & tablets!

Things You Won’t Pay Extra For:

Basic Graphic Design

Web Hosting

Email Hosting

Social Media Integration

Constant Contact Integration

Blogging Integration

Plugin Set-up

Corny Jokes

A Set Price – A Personal Touch

Unlike a lot of high priced Houston web design firms, I don’t charge by the hour for new projects. 10 page websites start at $1,300. You’ll get a quote, we’ll sign a contract that includes the price, and as long as you don’t add the moon to your demands half way through the project, that price won’t change.

Additionally, I talk with my clients frequently. If they’re cool people, I may even grab a beer with them on occasion. You’ll get my cell phone number, my personal email address, and my address if you really want it (though I might ask why you want it…I promise to stay open-minded).


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Dear Mr. Bailey Justin [Mr. Bailey is my father]

My website could use a facelift! It’s about 14 pages. I have a 40 product e-commerce store where I sell the best apples Houston has ever seen.

I’m needing to integrate my social media, and I’ll need some basic graphic design. I also need the ability to change out pictures in an image gallery, and a blog.

What’s the damage to my bank account?

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