Your Brand, In Your Customer’s Inbox

Let’s be honest – email marketing leaves a bad taste in customers’ mouths if it’s done badly. Constant Contact enables businesses to the ability to reach their customer-base like never before. It provides a wealth of templates and an interface for packing your email with content, coupons, and information. If you’re not already a Constant Contact customer, I can’t recommend it enough of as starting place for an effective email marketing program. Starting a free trial of Constant Contact is easy.

Make the Most of Constant Contact with a Professionally Designed Custom Template

As most small business owners have learned (sometimes the hard way), you can’t do everything. It’s true that Constant Contact enables customers to create mass emails that weren’t possible five and ten years ago. But like most things – your big competitors have armies of graphic designers, coders, and ROI specialists to design email marketing campaigns that even Constant Contact’s templates can’t match.

These days, people are savvy to digital marketing. A digital ad of any kind has to catch peoples’ eyes and spark their interest – and fast. That’s truest with email marketing. Consider yourself – next time you check your email, notice how much (or really, how little) time you spend deciding whether to open an email. And after you’ve opened the email, how long you actually spend reading it. I offer small businesses the chance to even the playing field with their corporate competitors – and I do it at prices they can afford.

I’ll take your brand elements, including your logo, images from your website, and your content to create a beautiful, professional, and highly effective email that will get your customers and prospects opening, clicking, and buying – all from an email they received in your inbox. And best of all – after the hard work of email design has been done, Constant Contact enables you to easily copy it and reuse it forever.

What’s Included, and What Does it Cost?

The cost is simple: I charge a flat rate of $250 per email template design. Whether you need a template for a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter, or a specialty template advertising products, deals, or announcements, you provide me with the content, images, and logo – and I’ll use CSS, Photoshop, and Constant Contact to create a template that will catch your customer or prospect’s attention and inspire them to read and act on your email.