Defend Your Site from Attacks You Never Knew Existed

Website Updates

Three aspects of your website will be updated weekly.

  1. WordPress itself – Your site is probably already receiving some updates automatically. However, you are probably not being updated as regularly as you need to be.
  2. Your theme – Every WordPress website is based on a theme. If you’ve purchased your website through Justin Bailey Design, your theme is built by a company called Elegant Themes. This is a great development company that regularly updates their themes – however, updates must happen manually, and they update their themes once every few weeks.
  3. Plugins – Plugins are perhaps the most complicating part of keeping your website updated. 95% of the time, the update will happen seamlessly. Occasionally, however, a plugin developer has abandoned their theme and it becomes incompatible with newer versions of WordPress. When this happens, I’ll evaluate whether a replacement plugin is necessary, and if so, I’ll replace it with a different plugin that provides similar functionality. If the new plugin is not free, you may be asked to pay for the new plugin.
Website Firewall & Security

I will install a firewall and security plugin that will handle on-going threats to your website.

Website Backups

You never know when you’ll need a backup to your website. Whether your site has been hacked, or if an update has broken your site, you’ll have 4 weeks worth of updates to jump back to. And of course, I’ll handle restoring the backup.

Backups will be securely stored in Google Drive.

You’ll receive weekly emails confirming that your updates and back-ups have been completed.

I can NEVER guarantee that your website won’t get hacked. There are too many people out there working to exploit any and all vulnerabilities. But if it is hacked, I’ll make sure it gets restored, and that won’t cost you anything on top of the monthly fee.